Some traits don’t pass from parent to child. My mom was homecoming queen. A looker. A stunner. I. Not so much. Actually. Not at all.

Ian’s mama has personality. The trait slipped seamlessly to him. It was during this photo session that I noticed it with him. 

I hoped to use a 35mm that I bought from B&H earlier that day, but it was cheaper for me to have it shipped to NC rather than to buy and carry it out of the high-taxed NY super store.

So I settled on a used 50mm lens that I bought through Fred Miranda‘s (I highly recommend that site) for an impromptu conversational portrait session with Ian.

Unlike other conversational portrait sessions, Ian’s wasn’t verbal. I don’t remember how we got to the point of him standing against the wall and modeling all of his hats for me, but he put on a show, and I just snapped away. Not a verbal word was spoken. But a whole lot was said.