What a Pear!

The T3i with the 18-55 and 75-300 … what a pair.

When I cut a slice from the pear – oh man – the rustic skin, the pale flesh, the morning light … I knew it was time to test out a camera that a friend wanted me to check for her.

It was a Canon Rebel T3i. She had a question about a setting – something about the shutter. She dropped it off at my house. I checked it out. The thing was clean, like hands had not touched it. She bought it a few years ago. The bag, the lenses, everything – clean.

I’m not the snob I used to be about gear. In fact I was eager to take it through the paces and see how well it could dance … or sing … or cook.

My test for whether or not I like a camera is how well it handles High ISO settings. This is no scientific, pixel-peeping experiment. It’s just to taste – like how much salt to add to a dish.  I sprinkled 800, 1600, 3200, 6400. The flavor was fine all the way through. And then I wanted to add some Madagascar cinnamon in the mix – that’s the flavor of the images here.

It just confirmed my position about gear – I just don’t want to have conversations about it as it relates to quality. Just as it relates to taste.

I have high blood pressure because I like a lot of salt.