Traveling east on Airport Road from Andrews to Marble there’s an old white abandoned clapboard home that sits on the edge of the road. A few hundred yards behind it is one of those old barns that people new to the south love to take pictures of. Like its neighbor, this two-story weathered structure sits abandoned. Cows pasture nearby. I saw its abandoned but I suspect someone is getting use out of it. Like I said, Cows pasture nearby.

When I lived in Marble I often took pictures of the place. It was one of those places that took on different personalities as the seasons changed.

I don’t remember if it was earlier this year or late last year but on one of my drives home from work I noticed the land was particularly unkept. Up until then, there was some semblance of care to the property – if not the house. The grass around the house, the path leading up to the barn – seemed like someone tended to it in some haphazard way – even if it was just the cows being given a wider berth by adjusting the fencing.

Then earlier this year, it fell victim to arson, as did a number of homes in the county. Homes that had if not, historic value, then certainly nostalgic value.

Oddly enough, the burned out windows, the charcoal and soot scaring down the openings where the windows were knocked out, just gave the place another “look” that to me, was still worthy of a portrait.

On this day, I had taken my Sony RX 100M3 to work. Every now and then, I just like to take it for a ride, to see what it can do. It was already my favorite street photography camera. But rural scenes – it just didn’t seem up to the task. 

Nonetheless, I never discount the possibility that the problem is with me. 

So here’s the house that I’ve shot for years, under different circumstances, different settings. When I can find those other images, I’ll add it to this gallery. 

In the meantime, here she is – until there’s nothing left.